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I don't think it's January.

Living Well

Not with this heat! Still a number of us – in the early days of summer – started tackling a new fitness goal. As the weeks pass, we try to maintain the same level of motivation we started with. That motivation is key for sticking with the sometimes-grueling exercise routines we committed to. “Is it worth it?” we moan into our yoga mat at 5:00am. “Is what I’m doing even the right thing to do to reach my goal?” we gasp into our running shoes in the midday heat. “Why I’m I not seeing the progress I anticipated?!?!” we cry into our beer.

Do you know the main reason why people stop exercising? Time? Nope. Injury? Nope. The MAIN reason? Lack of results. What’s even trickier is we often are hoping for results we haven’t even fully articulated!

We want exercise to make us look better, run faster, get cut, become more powerful, lose weight, gain muscle… and we also want to feel great, have fun, decrease stress, find a friend, be challenged, feel younger, sharper, smarter… When exercise is delivering all those awesome things, we make it priority. We push when we need to and refuse to quit.

Simple, right?

The tricky thing is, some of the results we try to achieve through exercise are not so simple. It’s not enough to “just do it”. You have to do it right. Often enough, long enough, hard enough and incorporate all the appropriate techniques, activities, and modes. (There’s a reason our Trainers and Instructors have University and College Degrees.)

If you’ve never worked with an exceptional Personal Trainer or Pilates Instructor, now is the time.

We can be pivotal in helping you get results. Goal attainment is absolutely challenging. AND often - ultimately - achievable. Everyone can benefit tremendously from the right technical support and personalized advice that comes with personal training.  And it doesn’t mean you have to have a trainer 3 times a week for the rest of your life. 

Did you know…

  • We have AMAZING Live, Virtual Group Workouts. Run by the best experts in Toronto (most of them are also Personal Trainers!)
  • We can help you with only 2 or 3 sessions period! Educating and empowering are two of our favourite things to do.
  • We offer 30 and 45 minute sessions!
  • We offer 2 on 1 Training. Grab a friend. You can each Zoom in from your own homes!
  • The cost of your first virtual session is covered by the Club!

No matter what your budget – we can work with it.

There is so much uncertainty out there. We can help remove some of that around what you need to be doing to take better care of yourself. So, you can focus on, and commit to your exercise regime with the confidence you’re making the right moves. And reignite your excitement and motivation about those goals.

You’re worth it. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more. 

Inspiration of the Day

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” - Ziad K. Abdelnour, 

Live Workouts of the Day

Today is going to be a great day because we’ve got TWO live workouts for you to join! Unfortunately, Cycling with James is cancelled for today, but you can visit our Class Library to complete a pre-recorded class.


Join Adriana for your morning pick-me-up! This workout will focus on moving through a full range of motion and develop your full body control, flexibility, and usable range.

Recommended equipment: yoga block or pillow

Join Adriana at 7:30am (45 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the workout.

Meeting ID: 812 2541 6617
Password: 013104


This workout will challenge you to your max! Come out and perform the prescribed workout for the day. This workout utilizes all your skills, from coordination to endurance and strength. No equipment necessary, you’ll just need your body weight!

Join Gavin today at 12:00pm (35 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the workout.

Meeting ID: 842 2984 9491
Password: 510345


Click here to view this week’s schedule.

To learn more about our virtual live workouts, please reach out to Lauren directly.

Trainer Moves of the Day

We originally posted this workout back in May, but with another beautiful weekend ahead, we thought now would be a good time to share it again!

What could be more fitting than our own TPI Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer Eric Bols taking you through a dynamic warm-up to prepare for and improve your Golf swing and game!


For questions about today’s Trainer Moves you can connect directly with Eric here.

Webinar of the Week

TOMORROW at 11:00am, join the Sport Medicine Clinic’s Dr. Melissa Cugliari and Joanne Ukposidolo for their webinar: Subtle Symptoms of Stress: The Digestive Issue.

The webinar will discuss stress and the impact it has on digestive physiology. Naturopathic and physiotherapeutic tips to ease stress and improve digestion will be outlined, empowering you with several of the tools necessary to optimize your health and longevity.

Click here to sign up for the webinar.

Event of the Week

TOMORROW at 6:00pm, as part of the Toronto Triathlon Festival’s Virtual Race, you can join Stratus’ sous chef, George Vavaroutsos, for a virtual cooking class.

If you haven’t picked up your groceries yet, you can find a list of all the ingredients (and kitchen equipment) that you'll need here.

Click here to find out what prep you can do in advance so you won’t feel rushed during the session.

Click here to join the class.

Just remember, the class is all about smiles, laughter, and coming together!

Chef George will see you tomorrow!


Do you have a “Something of the Day” you’d like us to share?! Email Meg.

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