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Sound Body & Strong Mind

"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

A sound body supports a strong mind. 

SEALs are incredibly fit. Their survival, their loved ones, their teammates’ survival depends on it.

Get your workout in. A strong, mobile body reflects solid willpower and a sound work ethic. Low to moderate exercise can act as moving meditation. It calms the mind, increases patience, and boosts your ability to think outside of the box and find creative solutions. Really intense exercise creates a razor-sharp mind. It purges stress hormones, boosts confidence, and makes everything else seem easy.

Inspiration of the Day

“Navy SEALS say when you’re under pressure you don’t rise to the occasions, you sink to the level of your training. Train well.” - Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus

Classes of the Day

Today is going to be a great day because we’ve got THREE classes for you to join – including TWO BRAND NEW classes!!

Mobility & Stability with Adriana

Join Adriana for your morning pick-me-up! This class will focus on moving through a full range of motion and develop your full body control, flexibility, and usable range.

Recommended equipment: yoga block or pillow

Join Adriana at 7:30am (45 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the class.

Meeting ID: 812 2541 6617
Password: 013104

Cycling with James

Get an amazing cardiovascular workout on an indoor bike. The class will simulate an outdoor ride, including a mix of intervals and hills.

Recommended equipment: bike trainer

Join James at 11:00am (45 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the class.

Meeting ID: 862 7308 7908
Password: 263088

Rip it Up with Gavin

This class will challenge you to your max! Come out and perform the prescribed workout for the day. This class utilizes all your skills, from coordination to endurance and strength. No equipment necessary, you’ll just need your body weight!

Join Gavin at 12:00pm (35 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the class.

Meeting ID: 842 2984 9491
Password: 510345

To learn more about our virtual classes, please reach out to Lauren directly.

Trainer Moves of the Day

Penny Phang, Personal Trainer at the Adelaide Club, takes you through a fabulous Full Body Stretch. In this series, the doorway can be great to help you get deep into those tight places. These 8 simple stretches help alleviate discomfort or tightness in your body, especially the major areas: neck, chest, back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Remember to breathe deeply as you hold each pose at least 20 - 30 seconds. Repeat a few rounds for parts of your body that need more attention!


For more information on these and other stretches, you can connect directly with Penny here.

Webinar of the Week

TOMORROW, join the Sport Medicine Clinic’s Joanne Ukposidolo at 2:00pm for her 40-minute webinar on Stress and Diaphragmatic Breathing.

This webinar will be focused on managing stress and our autonomic response; “fight -or-flight” vs. “rest and digest”; and how diaphragmatic breathing is essential to alleviating our physiological stress response. We will practice active breathing techniques, variations and progression exercises in order to build a stronger, more tenacious self.

What you need: A yoga mat, a pillow, a present mind

To sign-up for the webinar, please click here.

Doctor's Orders of the Day

Dr. Mark Boutros who runs the Adelaide Health Clinic loves Vitamin D.

Time and again, research shows Vitamin D to be supportive in our biochemical functions including supporting our Immune System. Simply put, it's another weapon to add to your armament for fighting off disease.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it gets stored in the body, primarily the liver, and is not as readily excreted if consumed in large quantities, as compared to Vitamin C or Vitamin B. In other words, too much Vitamin D can be toxic! The main caution:  ensure you have a healthy liver, if you plan on consuming standard amounts of Vitamin D.  If you are unsure, please check with your doctor.

Dose recommendation again varies by person, but ideally between 2000-4000 IU of Vitamin D, per day. For those with noted deficiencies, 5000 IU daily.

Prescription Vitamin D Extended Release is also available for patients with positive Vitamin D deficiency on lab results, in two different forms:
Vitamin D2: 50,000 IU per week.
Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU per week.

For more information on the benefits and appropriate dosage of Vitamin D you can connect directly with Dr. Boutros here.


Do you have a "Something of the Day" you'd like us to share?! Email Meg.

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