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For many of us, we're into our second week of isolation. That means more time at home with the family, increased stress, and maybe even fewer workouts. There is no better time to shake those bad habits and get yourself back on track.

Inspiration of the Day

After one week of being at home with the family, Lauren admits to not being very good at sitting around. What better way to entertain the kids and get Mom and Dad's sanity in check than a group workout! As parents, they tend to workout on their own while the other parent is with the kids. In these times however, this turned out to be a truly wonderful activity to connect, work together, and burn some energy while doing something that they all love. They might even continue this post social distancing!

Check out their super speed video. Try it with your kids too!

Bite of the Day

Thanks to Gale Kelly - one of our amazing Members from the TAC - we really do have a fabulous and easy Red Lentil Soup recipe for you to try.

Pro tip from Gale: Don't skip the lemon!

Workout of the Day

If you've got a stationary bike or Trainer at home, or if you're heading for a run and want some variety and intensity try a few sets of these to get a serious sweat on. I've included a table using various ways of measuring effort to help you gauge intensity.

8 Minute Ladders

5 minutes warm up (Zone 2)

5 minute pick ups: 30 seconds higher zone:30 seconds recovery zone

     Zone 3:Zone2
     Zone 4:Zone 2
     Zone 5:Zone 2 (repeat this one x 3)

8 Minute Ladder:

     Zone 3 x 4 minutes
     Zone 4 x 3 minutes
     Zone 5 x 1 minute

5 Minute Active Recovery (Zone 2)

Repeat hte ladder 2, 3, or 4 times for an awesome workout! 5 - 10 minutes cool down to finish.

Intensity Guidelines:

Note that using heart rate training zones have limitations. For example, cycling workouts will typically elicit a lower heart rate response for the same exertion compared to running workouts. Variables such as psychological stress, fatigue, and dehydration will also alter heart rate response, making it difficult to gauge how hard you are or more importantly should be working.


RPE 10 max

Typical Interval



Zone # (1-7)






“VERY easy”



Active Recovery





Zone 1




60+ minutes


Aerobic or “all day pace”

Zone 2




20-90 minutes


“Race Pace”

Zone 3




5-30 minutes


Continuous sensation of “serious effort”.  Conversation is difficult.  Motivation and concentration needs to remain high.

Zone 4


VO2 Max


3-8 minutes


Strong to severe sensations of “burning” or fatigue.  Consecutive days of training at this level typically not possible.

Zone 5


Anaerobic Capacity


30 sec – 2min


Severe sensations of “burning” or fatigue.  Conversation impossible.

Zone 6


Neuromuscular Power


>15 sec


Maximum effort

Zone 7



*HRR or Heart Rate Reserve: The difference between your resting HR and your maximum HR (220 - age for males, 226 - age for females).
Now calculate your training zones by adding RHR to a % of HRR.

Recovery of the Day

Penny Phang - from the Adelaide Club - shares a simple technique to demystifying meditation for you, so it's easy for you to get calm, clear, and focused; overcome stress; and help your body to stay healthy. You only need a few minutes adn to sit upright (do not sleep, so doing it first thing when you wake up is best). Try it. You might just love it!

Mediate with Penny


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