Pierre Blanchette

Personal Trainer

My experience with my personal body work began 1976 with a York barbell kit and its manuals.

I was a lanky(skinny)kid with French Canadian parents(genetics). They were loving-yet inactive and quite over weight. By noting their eating and activity habits-I tried changing those two elements and saw favorable results in body composition, strength, endurance and shape.

Joining Vic Tanny’s I continued that journey with so many other individuals to watch, evaluate and learn from. To notice how some people can do the exact same workout but get entirely different results-or none at all, was so interesting and enlightening. I was hooked.

Training now, has become far more about function than strictly shape. If the body`s capacities are diminished, just adding more muscle mass won`t often fix or help make it more effective or capable.

So, helping the body restore normal abilities is a priority.

If you can figure out what obstacles prevent you from reaching your goals, whether pain management or strength etc., or are causing you/your body issues-and eliminate them-your physical endeavours should become much smoother.

  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council of Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Pilates Instructor, Physical Mind Institute
  • Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Paul Chek Institute
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP)

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